Human Male Mechanic


Born and raised on the waring planet of Polaris-3, Hazel’s life was nothing but being prepared to go to war by his family. At the age of 18 he enlisted in the Borealis military, as a Runner. This was a sub-division of troopers that run through hectic battles and war zones to fix equipment and treat the wounded.

During the final 2 years of the war, Hazel known as Runner 6 lost his legs to an artillery shell. Due to the poor state of the military, his new prosthetic legs were mere pegs, serving as the most rudimentary replacement for his well toned legs. Just as he regained his ability to walk and run however, the war came to an abrupt end, the Borealis military losing and the Medius Republic began to rule Polaris-3 with an iron fist, being no longer employed, Six became a mercenary with other previous military veterans.


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