Sa'eala Maverous

Young Female Ecrin Treader


Sa’eala was born on-board of a mixed-race colony known as Ventrose. It originated from the home galaxy of Ecrin and arrived along with the exodus. They were held along with the other civilian ships while the war with the humans and Zarkaga raged. Soon after the battle of Broken Sky, the colony began to travel in a nomad fashion, floating from orbit to orbit and often told to leave. With each year, the colony began running out of resources and bandit attacks cutting of the already limited shipping routes, Ventrose became desperate. In order to counter this, Ventrose sent out several children, collectively known as Taven, to learn the art of combat and expertise with new technology.

Sa’eala was one of these Taven, and was sent out to multiple areas, mainly including the world of Ohiri, a world inhabited by mutated Ecrin pirates that grew an additional set of arms. While there, she found talent in combat and quickly took to the technique of utilising all of her arms by using separate weapons in each hand in a flurry of death. This lasted until she reached the age of 17, when the moon was attacked by raiders. This allowed Sa’eala to prove herself, using her acquired skills to push back the attackers and defend herself and her teachers. Soon after this she left Ohiri to make a name for herself and earn money to save her colony.

After 39 years of bounty hunting, assisting military alliances and merchant convoys
she had amassed enough funds to help her colony. She returned triumphantly with the few surviving Taven and they managed to get the colony into a more stable state. However, the years she spent on the outside, she knew that her staying on Ventrose was a pointless endeavour. She also knew that she could not leave her people behind while they were in such a dire state. Along with the remaining Taven, she decided to assist the colony to move onto a deserted moon and allow their people to live anew.

With her thirst for adventure as strong as ever, she set off to explore space and earn a living in combat. Her travels took her to the world on Monarch, known for its population of scum and bounty hunters. During her stay here, she received a message from an unknown patron that showed interest in her abilities and requested her aid.

Basarian Sect of the pure – A collection of spiritualists in touch with the universe and astra who believe that they must not kill or judge with their body. to protect themselves they learned a technique that allowed them to make arms of astra which they could use to defend themselves and if needed kill and because the arms were not a part of their body it would not taint them. Sa’eala met them on a moon upon which they were on although they move often, she saw their ability to control astra and fighting ability and asked to learn. their practices and tests were taxing on the mind and body but she persevered and gained a great understanding of their fighting style and astra. however, due to the damage to her abdomen she could not create the astra arms, much to her sadness but she was smart and made robotic arms instead and mastered their skill. she left months after to help
people in need in which her arms were destroyed while trying to defend them.

Sa'eala Maverous

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